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What do I want ?!

Concrete Post and Panel

Here at Wallbank Fencing Ltd we understand when choosing your timber fence it can be a little daunting. What colour do I want? what height do I want? what style? the list can go on and on... So lets try and break it down for you!

Quick Facts

  • Concrete Post & Panel is installed at 1.8m centres.

  • Whatever height fence you have you will always have the same sized base panel (1.8 wide x 300 high).

  • Heights include, 600 high, 1.2m high, 1.5m high, 1.8m high, 2.1m high and 2.4m high

  • Adding a trellis to you timber fence will add 300 to your fence, e.g. a 1.5 high timber fence with a trellis will total a 1.8 high fence.

  • The fence panels come in green or brown (If you plan on painting your fence its best to get green panels).

As you can guess from the name it involved the installation of -

1. Concrete post - inserted 600 into the ground, these hold the base panel, timber panel and trellis in place;

Concrete Post

2. Base Panel - slotted in between your concrete posts, this is the base of your fence;

Concrete Base Panel

3. Timber Panel - take a look below at some of the options, of course you can pair any together;

All our timber panels are pressure treated which means our timber is protected against rot, decay, insect and fungal attacks.

4. Colours - Timber panels come in GREEN or Brown.

Green timber waney lap panel
Brown close board panel

Taking the above into account you should now have a better idea on what you are looking for as a perimeter fence. If you have any other questions please feel free to get in contact - 'georgie@highsecurityfencing.co.uk'.

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