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HSF Highway

HSF Pedestrian Guardrail. 2jpg.jpg

Simple barrier systems to keep pedestrians away from traffic, prevent vehicle contact with buildings,  or to prevent falls from height.


HSF Armco

High Security Fencing Armco barrier is put in place to prevent vehicles from going places they shouldn’t, such as down a steep slope, off a bridge or into a pedestrianised area or school yard. They act as a durable protection for both drivers and the object/person that would be driven into if the barrier wasn’t there.

Where can HSF Armco be Used?

As well as being used on busy roads, the High Security Fencing Armco barriers are particularly useful in car parks, service yards, warehouses and loading bays, where safety is paramount. It’s reassuring to know that the barriers will protect property, people and machinery from the damage that an out of control vehicle could cause.


Guard Rail & Hand Rail

​Pedestrian guard rail. With or without site gap M1 & M2

  • Galvanised finish (polyester powder coated finish available)

  • 2m and 1m panel lengths

  • 1050mm height


Handrail. (Key Clamp)

2 or 3 rails available.

Hand rail (key clamp) is ideal if you need to separate machinery, people or traffic, or if you need to protect people from falling from a height

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