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HSF Hoardsafe

This system can be either dug in or surface mounted for a foundation free installation.

Made from robust recycled plastic composite, this hoarding is the next generation of sustainable, reusable hoarding.

Tongue and groove click fix into engineered steel rails for easy and rapid essembly.


Conforms to  BS EN 1991 for wind loading

Vinyl wrapping available for personalisation, branding and advertising.

HSF Timber Hoarding

HSF Heras

Systems can be foundation fixed with rubber feet, scaffold tubes or structural timber posts.

All systems can be branded off-site or with the timber hoardings on site to reflect the client's corporate image.

Affordable and quick to install. Easily removed at the end of the project. 

Heras can be hired or purchased.

Water filled barrier, chapter 8 barrier and other site setup solutions are available if required. 


HSF Site Safe

HSF Hoarding5.JPG

Wallbank fencing offers comprehensive site set up service.

This includes;


  • Engineered timber hoarding

  • Mesh Systems 

  • Steel tin hoarding

  • Heras

  • Heras on Scaffold Tubes

  • Concrete block systems with no ground penetration


Ballasted Hoarding

During the progress of a contract we can move systems to accommodate the build progress and on completion of the contract we can dismantle and remove from site.


Systems can be hired or bought in.


We can provide structural calculations for a client's requirements or provide systems backed up by temporary works drawings

Dig In Hoarding

Our dig in hoarding comes with C16 posts and rails as standard.

Our timber hoarding systems can be painted to reflect personal preference or company branding.

We can provide structural calculations for a client's requirements or provide systems backed up by temporary works drawings


Ballasted Tub System

  • Security - Fencing manufactured from 5mm Rigid Mesh wire that offers a more secure panel with anti-climb features in the profiled panels. 

  • Sustainability - A system that contains 100% recycled plastic and 90% recycled steel that can also be converted to a permanent fencing solution at the end of the project meaning only one type of fencing is required for the project. 

  • Safety - Zero external site footprint that is often experience with other types of temporary fencing and manufactured to BS1722-18:2011

HSF SiteSafe.jpg

HSF Site Set Up

Site Safe
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