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HSF Palisade


Palisade offers a simple yet strong barrier and is available in a variety of specifications.

HSF Palisade.webp

Here at Wallbank Fencing Ltd we are able to provide Palisade fencing with either a ‘D’ or a ‘W’ profile. It is designed to be strong and durable with excellent protection features.

Styles available

  • Triple Point & Splayed

  • Single Point

  • Round Top

  • Round & Notched


D Section -3mm

W Section


  • 2mm W Section

  • 2.5mm W Section

  • 3mm W Section

  • 3mm W Section – Wide Pale (71mm)

Pale Through Rail

We can also offer welded pale through rail palisade.

This design is extremely strong as there are no bolts used in its construction. The removal or attack of the bolts is the standard tactic for intruders attempting to penetrate standard palisade.

Although green and black are the most popular a full range of RAL colours are available.

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