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Does Your School Need a Summer Security Upgrade?

Summer 2022 pending...

Summer is always one of our busiest times of the year here at Wallbank Fencing Ltd and with the school summer holidays fast approaching is it time you started to think about security upgrades?!

We know that no two schools are the same so ensuring you have the right product can often mean getting something bespokely made which is no problem, however sometimes can mean it can take a few weeks!

timber fencing
HSF Timber Picket Fence

What you should know about School security and fencing

Here at Wallbank Fencing Ltd we know fencing is an important feature. It not only keeps unauthorised persons from accessing the site, keeping staff, students and visitors safe but it is also one of the first things any prospective parent (or OFSTED inspector) sees when they arrive at the school, which means we want it to not only be secure but also look good!

What can we provide?

We can offer a range of options for example;

  • HSF Mesh

  • HSF 358

  • HSF Multiplus

  • HSF Ballcourt

  • HSF Bow Top railings

  • HSF ROSPA Railings

  • HSF Laser-cut fencing

  • HSF Timber

  • HSF Acoustic

All of the above come in a variety of heights and colours and of course matching gates are available to suit each product!


Build a safe Environment

Perimeter fencing has a vital role to play in safeguarding students, whether it’s keeping them onsite or preventing passers-by from interacting with them.


Did you know we can also provide fencing that can help to reduce the impact of noise internally and externally! We are able to provide this in a range of both Steel security fencing, timber and also composite materials, which means it can look aesthetically pleasing to the eye and match your school colours!

Mesh fencing
HSF Mesh


Selecting the correct security provision for your school premises isn’t a one-size-fits-all, it needs thought and due care to decide what will work best for your school, undertaking a risk assessment should therefore be your first step in putting together your security strategy. This will expose the types of risks to which your school might be vulnerable; this may include theft, vandalism, arson, heavy vehicle flow and accidental injury for younger pupils. You can contact us here at Wallbank Fencing Ltd for our expert advice on the best solution to suit your requirements.

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