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Railings, Railings, Railings!

With Christmas fast approaching its all go to finish of sites ready for the New Year. This week we handed over on a site in Stockport (Covent Garden) for Bardsley Construction Ltd.

We started on this site with the site set up on the famous 'Lowry Steps' back in 2018, installing our no-dig HSF Site Safe system!

Next thing you know we are installing railings as one of the finishing touches before the site hands over!

All the railings were galvanized and powder coated in RAL 9005 (Black)

What is galvnizing and powder coating?!

- In the first step, the steel part is galvanised with a layer of zinc. The zinc layer provides cathodic and barrier protection, preventing the steel from oxidizing, resulting in a longer part life

- The second step is the application of a powder coating to the galvanized part. The powder coating is applied to the part and heat cured, which bonds the powder to the galvanized part. The finished metal powder coating protects both the steel part and the galvanized layer, and provides an attractive exterior finish to the part.

Both of the above steps help to provide a high quality long lasting product.

**Quick fact**

On this site we have installed over 1000m of railings to date!!!

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