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Lets talk about DuraPost®!

I will be honest, when I was pitched the idea of using DuraPost® via email and phone I completely shut it down and it quickly went in my junk folder (sorry!).

HOWEVER when Bruce from DuraPost® appeared at the office and I had no choice but to actually look at the product I was pleasantly surprised by not only the products strength but this combined with how light weight it was compared to an good old concrete post (80% lighter so I have been told!) I thought wowza we have been missing a trick here!

In terms of price is it a little bit more expensive, yes.. but in the grand scheme of things or if you looked at it per garden, the difference isn't worth loosing sleep over if you ask me, and if it was my garden I know what I would be going for, every time!

Not only this but in a world where health and safety is key, the manual handling of this product compared to a concrete post is a massive benefit to not only my operatives but me, because happy operatives means less phone calls!!

It also is a quicker installation than a concrete posts so also allows me to save some time with installation.

Now aesthetically there are so many options and routes for how to install this fence and the finished design you end up with, its pure preference and will differ on job to job.

Currently you can get the posts in just a standard galvanised - which from what I have found is what is mostly stocked, however they are available in Anthracite Grey, Sepia Brown and Olive Grey for those gardens with bit more snazz to them.

Which means, if you want the posts on show you can choose a colour which is most pleasing to the eye for your project, or just use a standard galv posts and clad over the top!

Wallbank,fencing, security fencing

DuraPost® is also guaranteed to endure UK weather for up to 25 years! which is just another positive of this product.

So if I suggest this product to you, no im not on commission! but times are changing and these are the way forward!


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