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What's the right mesh for my project!

In a world full of mesh its often confusing to decide what it is exactly you need.

Personally I would say there are 3 main types of mesh (HSF Mesh, HSF 358 and HSF Ballcourt).

So lets break it down!

A Perimeter Security Fencing Solution offers rigid profiled mesh panels matched with a secure fixing design. The combination of these produces a fencing product that can stand up to the all the requirements of a secure fence line. Designed for simple installation around the exterior of your property, premises or land, HSF MESH features rigid mesh panels held securely to 60 x 40mm RHS steel posts.

As a fencing system that is designed to stand up everything that’s thrown or kicked onto it, HSF BALLCOURT features highly dense double steel wire mesh panels that will absorb the shock of balls and return them to play without interruption. The lower rebound panel is an optional extra and its smaller aperture makes it ideal for tennis courts.

When you need cost-effective security fencing and your main aim is preventing people from gaining access to your premises, the close mesh panels of HSF 358 make it the ideal anti-climb option. Sometimes referred to a prison mesh each hard-wearing mesh panel is fixed to galvanised steel square posts using slim-yet-sturdy full length clamp bars and strong through bolts. This ensures quick and easy installation around any perimeter and maintains a great defence against any potential intruders.

If you have any questions or need any further advise please contact '' and i will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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